Frequently asked questions and answers

There are many DJ services out there, why should I choose 518 Entertainment?

At 518 Entertainment, we custom-tailor every event to you and your invited guest’s taste, so we always have happy customers! Our experienced staff makes sure you have fun, inspired, and professional entertainment at your event, every time.

I am very interested in booking 518 Entertainment. What is the best time for me to call?

The best time for you to call us is when you are in a relaxed, positive mood with about fifteen minutes to chat about your event plans! You are planning a fun celebration; your communication needs to mirror that vibe.

I am ready to book 518 Entertainment for my wedding next year, but don't have all my special songs picked out yet and I am unable to devote much time to the formality particulars right now; is this a problem?

It is completely acceptable & quite common for the above scenario to arise! Once you are a customer you may call or email us any day with questions that come up; we will be happy to make helpful suggestions based on our experience & expertise. We at 518 Entertainment believe in the lost art of personal communication and actually, answer the phone live! (on the rare occasions you get our voice mail, we will usually get back to you within the hour!) We also take the time to go over everything with you as we will provide you with our wedding planning forms at one of our unlimited face-to-face meetings.

Do you have a written contract?

Yes! We will only work with a written and signed contract. This protects you that we will do your event and us that we get paid. (View a copy of our contract terms of Agreement.)

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry over $1 mill in liability insurance that is required by most venues provided throught the ADJA.

Can I see you perform?

In some cases, yes, if we have an event coming up that’s open to the public. At someone’s wedding, sorry no, and promise not to invite anyone to your wedding as well.

Is a deposit required for booking?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit fee is needed with a copy of a signed contract to lock in your event date.

Do you provide references?

Yes, please ask us and we would be delighted to provide them for you. You can also visit the “testimonials” page on this website, and read reviews of our services.

Will we have the opportunity to go over the details prior to the wedding?

Yes. we will call and set up two weeks prior or more to your wedding to go over all the details. Your questions and concerns will not be left for your wedding day. Over the phone or during one of our unlimited face-to-face meetings, we’ll walk you through the order of formalities and give you suggestions to help enjoy your day more thoroughly. (we strongly suggest being a part of the rehearsal portion of the rehearsal dinner)

Will you play music loud?

Through our sound processors, you can rest assured that the sound will be adjusted to the acoustics of the room. During cocktail hour and dinner, we play music softly enough so that guests can carry on conversations very comfortably. The music at this time is just background and used to create ambiance and help set the mood. When it’s time to dance, the music is slightly louder, but not painfully so. Usually, we’re right on the money with the volume, but if you should ever find it to be too loud or soft, just tell us and we’ll make an adjustment immediately.

DJ Services

What is your attire?

It depends on the event and the client’s wants and needs. For a formal occasion such as a wedding, always professional dress attire.

Do you have an assistant or do you work alone?

At most events, we work alone. This depends on the type of event, where it’s going to be, and how many guests you are expecting. We always tell our clients prior to the event if there will be an assistant.

What type of music genres are in your collection?

From 1920 to today. Top 40, Pop, R&B, Classical, Big Band, Rock, Soul, Strings, Acoustic, Jazz, Swing, Classic Rock, Country, Country Western, Dance, and many more. Our collection of music is over 350,000 songs. I have CDs, a portable mp3 player or iPod with music on it. Can we play my music through your system? Yes, if the music is clean and right for the type of event we are at.

Will you be willing to play overtime?

Yes, we will. This will depend on several aspects. If we do not have another event scheduled after yours which we will discuss with you upfront and we need permission from your banquet manager. In some cases, there is an additional fee for overtime. We need to be notified that you would like to go overtime no later than 20 minutes before the scheduled contracted ending time and additional payment must be in cash before the extended play begins.

Do you use cd's or mp3's?

We use mp3’s and on the occasion, CDs, so don’t worry, We’ll be able to play your cd if it’s something we don’t own.

Do you play request?

Yes. We take up to a dozen requests from you, the client, and play as many of them as we can. Please keep in mind, however, that a party takes on a life of its own. Some or all of the music you request might not end up working with your crowd.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely. you can rest assured that if we have a problem, you’ll never know.

Are you going to talk all night?

Some variation of this question gets asked all the time. Although we must maintain a certain level of control as the Master of Ceremonies, we do not feel that it is necessary, nor is it our style to talk in between every song.

Lighting & Effects

Do you use LED or Halogen lights?

We use LED lights for all contracted events. (it is safer and cool to the touch)

Do you have a truss system for lighting?

Yes, a 10-foot truss system comes in handy for large events that want a club feel.

Can I have special effects like fog, haze or bubbles at my event?

Due to some vendors, we may not be able to use one or all effects due to fire alarms or tile flooring. We will always check with your vendor first for any rules and regulations they may have and get approval before adding to the contract.

What colors do you use for up-lighting?

Up-lighting can be custom fit and match about any color to your needs and wants.

Do you have a question?

Email us at and we will answer your question.